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Swiss-expert offers replica watches in two main groups, Swiss and Japanese. Both groups are displayed on the left where customers can easily browse through each section and choose their favorite. While the watches from these two groups might look the same way, the movements are very different. Swiss replica watches are made with actual Swiss parts that guarantee precision and performance out of every model. The difference in quality can also be seen in the difference in price; a Swiss replica watch will cost over $500 but this is still much more affordable than the original Swiss luxury watches. The warranty offered by is very good: 12 months for Swiss replica watches and 6 months for Japanese replicas. Most replica stores nowadays only offer 30 days and this is what shows the confidence they have in their models. Quality is the most important things when selling replica watches and we try to meet every expectation and satisfy every customer. We also offer a 10 days money back policy in case you find something you do not like with the model; another great feature that every store should have and take very seriously., as the name implies, has very good Swiss replica watches. Besides movement, these are different from the Japanese models in the way they look and feel. Swiss replica watches have triple wrapped gold plating while the Japanese replicas only have 5 microns gold plating. This, combined with the better quality of the parts would explain for the difference in price tags. Another great thing we offer here at is customer care and you can choose to call, email or chat online. The online chat is almost always available and there will be an agent happy to answer every question you might have. Be sure to consider buying a Swiss replica watch if you want the ultimate feeling of luxury at an affordable price.


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